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Welcoming our new Ambassador – Christine Murphy

We love to represent real women at Mirelle. It’s what wearing Mirelle is all about. Being real. Being confident in your own skin. And looking and feeling fabulous when you move.


It’s why we ask you to share your fitness pics wearing Mirelle so we can share them. It’s why we want our clothing to be represented by inspiring women. And it’s why we make sure our Ambassadors are women who inspire.


With that, we are delighted to welcome on board our newest Ambassador, Christine Murphy, a personal trainer from Livingston. She has been a friend of Mirelle Activewear for many years now and we wanted to share her story with you on the FitClub blog.


Christine has struggled with weight and confidence issues in relation to her body and overall look. It’s a struggle we’re sure many women can identify with. But many women can feel trapped in this state and refrain from taking action. Christine is one of the women who has taken control and more importantly, too action.


She has worked hard in the gym and personally to get to where she is today. She set herself goals and worked everyday to achieve them. It has led her to feel better and live better.


“All I can say is I am happy with my goals that I have achieved to date but I’m still looking to improve and learn everyday.”

Christine Murphy - Mirelle Activewear Ambassador

“To say I feel humbled at being asked to be an Ambassador for Mirelle Activewear is beyond words. I have worn and trained in Mirelle Activewear for a couple of years now and I can fully endorse it to anyone as being for everyone, to do anything.”


“Thank you also to my friends, family and training buddies who have supported me and a huge massive thanks to Mirelle for allowing me the opportunity to promote her excellent brand of fitness clothing.”


Christine is a personal trainer at the Fit Inc Studio in Livingston. She is running a Dirty Dozen boot camp that will kick start 2017 for anyone looking to take control of their health and fitness. Just like Christine did.

Christine Murphy - Mirelle Activewear Ambassador

Shape your confidence in Mirelle.


Jaxx x

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