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It’s Mirelle loves…Mondays. This week we’re talking the outdoors. Autumn is here. Winter isn’t far away. But when the days are crisp and the sun is shining, we love to pull on our leggings, throw on a hoody and trainers and get outside.

Sure the gym is great and we’re still going there! But there’s something truly wonderful about exercising in the great outdoors. Whether it’s a walk through hills, a jog along the river or yoga in the park – fresh air and open spaces creates a tremendous sense of well being.

Wrap up and get out there in a thick pair of premium leggings – shop our collection for ideas to suit your style, and wear layers that you can shed as you get hotter (!) with a good sports bra, t-shirts and sporty jacket or hoody. Mirelle AW will fill you with confidence to get outdoors.

Here’s just a few of our favourite things to do outside during the colder months.

  1. Walking – no matter what your level of fitness is, a brisk walk first thing on the morning before work or making a day of it at the weekend is sure to get your heart rate up. The Arpoador leggings with lightweight and breathable fabric are perfect for long walks. Team with a gorgeous white jumper for added class.
  2. Park Run – organised, timed 5k runs across Scotland and the UK. If running’s your thing, don’t let the colder months stop you. Try the City Leggings for a high compression legging that is sure to give you confidence whilst going for that PB!
  3. Outdoor boot camp – being cold isn’t an excuse to prevent you doing an outdoor boot camp. Socialise and exercise at the same time whilst fighting off the wind and rain! Doing different activities will make your boot camp time fly in. The Green Storm leggings are perfect for the outdoors with a high rise, supportive fit and full length, they’ll keep you warm in style.
  4. HIIT – the big buzz of the moment with the Body Coach promoting it’s fat burning abilities. Of course, it will help burn some calories and help lose fat when teamed with good nutrition. And as it’s only 20 minutes of hard work, it’s perfect for doing outside in the open. Heat up in the cold with a 20 second on 20 second off workout for 20 minutes, then come back in for a nice hot shower! The Lotus Light Leggings are perfect for adding some energy to your HIIT workout.

Of course, there’s lots to do outdoors – so get out there and shape your confidence this winter with Mirelle AW.

Have a confidence filled week!

Mirelle x

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