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Meg Smith squatting testing the aqua leggings

Mirelle loves…tests?

It’s Monday again! Yay! We love Mondays. It’s a new week. And a week where we’re telling you about our new SDelleS test at Mirelle AW.

We’re very confident about the fabrics used in our leggings. We know our premium fabrics offer superior quality and confidence. But we want to show you. So you don’t need to take our word for it.

So we’re committing to testing all our leggings to ensure they give you the confidence to move in and out of the gym.

Our aim is to ensure that every single pair of Mirelle AW leggings pass at least one of the tests for being Squat proof, Deadlift durable, Lunge resistant or Stretch strong. That is – do they stay up when you squat down?  Are we sure there’s no skin on show when you bend, move and stretch? Do the seams stay in tact?

Many of our leggings have already been tested. Our featured image is one of our Brand Ambassadors, Meg Smith showing us her squat. But we want to show you all our leggings being tested for real.

And we need YOU to get involved!

What better way to test all our leggings than to have our loyal, beautiful Mirelle women get involved. We’d like to feature real women in the gym, at a class or doing their thing for real. Real women, real training, real testing.

So please, share your videos and pics of you doing your squats, deadlifting, lunging or stretching. Using any variation of those exercises. In fact the more we have to share and feature on our website – the better!

Post your image or video on your social media and tag us, using the hashtag #SDelleS

We’ll regram, retweet or share your post and feature you on our website.

We can’t wait to see you doing your thing in Mirelle!

Mirelle x

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