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Mirelle loves…stretching

Mirelle loves…stretching


It’s something that can often be done quickly at the end of a workout. Or sometimes not at all! But it’s such an important element of keeping our muscles and joints healthy.

Whilst yoga and pilates are both perfect ways to engage in stretching, we need to remember to do this at the start and end of any workout. And to even programme in a dedicated session each week to really give our body a good seeing to!

Here’s our list of top tools for added ouch! And ahhhhh!


Resistance Bands

Bands are great for really getting beyond the limits of a stretch that you otherwise probably wouldn’t reach without the aid. The very fact that they provide resistance, means that you can really stretch your arms or legs into positions that increase the range of the stretch. In time this leads to better flexibility and mobility. They’re also great for rehabilitation and prehab movements. Best to ask a knowledgeable coach or trainer to get the best from them.

My PT introduced me to the wonders of the resistance band during my rehabilitation and beyond. I use them myself before and after I train to keep the joints moving and should really use them more!

We love these ones from Again Faster EU


Trigger point massage balls

Another tried and tested method and quite possibly one of the most painful 5 minutes with my trainer that I ever had. But boy did it get the shoulders moving better!

Massage balls or a lacrosse ball is fantastic for getting right into nooks and crannys. They ‘re great for tackling knots in muscles and thus promoting better movement and mobility. Hallelujah!

Use them with care! And again, best to get the help and advice from a qualified, knowledgeable trainer.

£10.49 from Powerhouse Fitness


Foam rollers

Whilst not directly a stretch, foam rolling is a great addition to any stretch routine. Massage the muscles and help your body recover quicker.

They’re great for quads, IT band, glutes, calves and your back. But with your back only as far as it’s safe to do so. Never foam roll all the way down to your bum. Stop where your back naturally starts to curve towards the ground. If that makes sense!

There’s loads of foam rollers on the market but our favourite is the Trigger Point Therapy roller. Available from many stockists and here at the Athlete Shop


Jaxx, guest blogger for Mirelle AW

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