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Mirelle loves…squats

It’s a short and sweet Mirelle loves…Mondays today. And with our squat competition (look out for more info!) at the SFN Expo which kicks off a week on Saturday, we’re devoting this blog to the king (or queen) of the lower body exercise – the squat.

Its popularity is soaring. And aside from the glute building praise it receives, it’s also an extremely versatile move.

Whether it’s done in the squat rack with a bar and weights. On its own as a bodyweight exercise or sat against a wall. With dumb bells or indeed as an Olympic lift with the overhead element, the humble squat can be done by everyone. But they need to be done with correct form and good technique. No matter what the variation.

As well as the already mentioned glute building, here are our top five reasons we love the squat…

1. Leg day power source for muscle building

2. Seeing your strength build up is oh so satisfying

3. Getting that proper squat technique that’s right for you feels amazing

4. Whilst they are great for glutes, the variety of squat positions works so many other muscles and can improve stability when executed correctly

5. They are brilliant for improving mobility and posture

How long can you hold your squat? Come and see us on our stand at the SFN Expo and take part in our competition to see who can hold their squat the longest and your chance to win a gorgeous squat proof pair of Mirelle leggings.

Mirelle x

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