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Mirelle loves…Mondays – Paige Hathaway

Mirelle loves…Mondays

To celebrate the launch of our gorgeous new collection, this week our Mirelle loves…Mondays is voicing our love for Paige Hathaway.

But we’re not only celebrating our new range. Paige was born on the 31st July 1987 making yesterday her 29th birthday! Happy birthday gorgeous lady from Mirelle AW. We hope you had an amazing day.

So here’s our 29 reasons why we love Paige and why we’re so proud to offer you her new collection…

  1. She has almost 4 million followers on Instagram
  2. She has a beautiful, sexy figure that has been achieved through hard work and commitment to training and fitness
  3. She loves weight training
  4. She’s an inspiration to other women out there who lack confidence – go get some!
  5. She likes cheese pizza
  6. She is the creator of Fit in 5
  7. She loves bulldogs
  8. She’s a fantastic trainer and coach
  9. She’s not afraid to get out there and own it
  10. Her ass won’t quit
  11. She works damn hard in business
  12. She has almost 6M likes in Facebook
  13. She’s happy
  14. She’s honest
  15. Her PH Fit blog is a great read
  16. She loves dumbbells
  17. She makes tasty food that’s good for you
  18. She gets how our body’s work and how to get the best from them
  19. She has a stunning calendar
  20. She rocks a baseball cap
  21. Her defined and muscular physique proves women lift don’t get big and bulky
  22. She’s multi talented and not afraid to step out her comfort zone
  23. She overcame her nerves about stepping into the weights room
  24. Her favourite outfit is Converse, cut offs and a tank top
  25. She hates burpees! We love you for this alone ;O)
  26. She knows how to change brake pads on her car
  27. She has brains as well as beauty as her degree in sports medicine also shows…
  28. She grew up on foster care and knows that her upbringing has helped shape who she is today
  29. We love her style!


Mirelle x

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Margarita says:

Really Happy birthday! I am the biggest fan of your activewear collection and it looks very stylish and comfy. I wish you go ahead like this. Thanks for sharing this blog with us.


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