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Mirelle loves…girls who lift

Mirelle loves… girls who lift

It’s Mirelle loves…Mondays time. This week – we love girls who lift.

There are so many benefits of weight training. The growth in the number of women who aren’t afraid to pick up heavy stuff is apparent. But there is still a common misconception that lifting weights will automatically turn you into a she-hulk bulky bodybuilder.

We love girls who lift because these women know that this simply isn’t the case. Girls who lift aren’t big and bulky, we’re lean and strong, curvaceous and shapely, classy and god damn sexy.

We range from the super lean to the more muscular look with everything in between. And for those who do want a more muscular look, it doesn’t happen overnight. Done naturally this takes months and even years to achieve.

There’s something extremely liberating about having the confidence to walk into the traditionally male area of the gym or to go to a proper weight training gym and do your thing. But once you do, girls who lift know how much satisfaction it can offer.

It’s well documented that weight training improves fat loss (when coupled with a good diet), but it’s also great for strengthening our muscles and improving our posture. Working on this now means we stand a better chance of living a fitter and healthier life as we grow and mature.

We are the women taking care of our body, mind and soul by embracing a lifestyle that empowers and strengthens us.

Whatever look you want for your body, whatever level of health and fitness you want to achieve, as girls who lift, we want you to join us to see and feel the benefits of this amazing way of life.

To get the best out of weight training, we would always advise working with a reputable personal trainer. Someone who can teach proper form, who will recognise your strengths and work on your weaknesses. So ladies, embrace the weights room and go lift!

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