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Maca leggings block patterns

Mirelle loves…block patterns

Mirelle loves…block patterns

Block patterns. You really can’t go wrong. They shape you. They draw your eye along your legs and create lines and illusions that flatter.

Block patterns allow you to add splashes of colour to your gym wardrobe and coordinate easily with tops and gym kicks. They look great and when the fabric is comfortable, strong and well designed, you really have found yourself the perfect pair of leggings.

One of our most popular examples of colour blocking is the Blaster Range which offers leggings, bra and a stunning jumpsuit. The simple coral line that runs along the front of the quads and around to the glutes creates a beautiful line. And the high compression fabric with mesh around the calves and ankles adds another texture for a cool, funky look.

The jumpsuit is also perfect for squat sessions and back days when you need something you can rely on to stay in place and protect your modesty. When you know your gym gear moves with you and not against you, you can go in and train hard.

New to the shop, the Maca (apologies to Brazilians for the lack of accents!) High Compression leggings are a combination of block purple around the calves with a funky print that adds a splash of pink around the thighs and bum. The ultra high waistband can be worn up offering ultimate comfort and confidence to train. Or fold down for a daytime twist or when training upper body.

We really do adore our block patterns and you can check out more in our shop and find a pair that complements your gym session.

If you have any questions about the fabric, the colours, the styles and suitability for squatting or for any of your activities, please do get in touch with us. We’re always happy to help you.

Block it up in the gym with Mirelle AW.

Mirelle x

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