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Mirelle loves…a challenge

Mirelle loves…a challenge


As fit, healthy, active women, we know what it’s like to have goals. We understand the importance of being the best version of ourselves, whether that’s in mind, body or spirit. And this week’s Mirelle loves…Monday’s is a nod to challenges.

But it’s not going to be a heavy read about the challenges we face. Or what we might do to overcome challenges. We’re keeping our FitClub blog fun and fancy free as we take a bit of a delve into what we do to challenge ourselves.

Very few of us go through life with no real challenges. The majority of us are thrown all sorts of things to keep us on our toes. So why not give ourselves predictable challenges with the predictable outcome of feeling a sense of achievement!

Challenges relating to whatever that things is we want to put our mind to. Something that will help us grow, learn and develop. Something that we’ve always wanted to do but never quite managed to get it done.

Every day we have an opportunity to set a mini challenge or decide to do a bigger challenge which requires smaller goals being achieved to reach the big milestone.

Fancy doing a Tough Mudder? Go sign up. What about the Rio Marathon next year? Log on and register. Of course, as we love girls who lift, we have to mention a weightlifting related challenge. Anyone for Olympic Lifting?

Moving away from the physical challenges, should we all be aiming for a quiet mind, free from worry and stress by actively practicing mindfulness and meditation? Or taking some time out of each day to read, switch off and just breathe?

Whatever the challenge you set for yourself, make it something amazing. Something personal to you and something that will make you feel a sense of achievement.

Challenge yourself.

Mirelle x

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