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Mirelle loves…the outdoors

It’s Mirelle loves…Mondays. This week we’re talking the outdoors. Autumn is here. Winter isn’t far away. But when the days are crisp and the sun is shining, we love to pull on our leggings, throw on a hoody and trainers and get outside. Sure the gym is great and we’re still going there! But there’s […]

Maca leggings block patterns

Mirelle loves…block patterns

Mirelle loves…block patterns Block patterns. You really can’t go wrong. They shape you. They draw your eye along your legs and create lines and illusions that flatter. Block patterns allow you to add splashes of colour to your gym wardrobe and coordinate easily with tops and gym kicks. They look great and when the fabric […]


Mirelle loves…a challenge

Mirelle loves…a challenge   As fit, healthy, active women, we know what it’s like to have goals. We understand the importance of being the best version of ourselves, whether that’s in mind, body or spirit. And this week’s Mirelle loves…Monday’s is a nod to challenges. But it’s not going to be a heavy read about […]

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Mirelle loves…squats

It’s a short and sweet Mirelle loves…Mondays today. And with our squat competition (look out for more info!) at the SFN Expo which kicks off a week on Saturday, we’re devoting this blog to the king (or queen) of the lower body exercise – the squat. Its popularity is soaring. And aside from the glute […]


Mirelle loves…girls who lift

Mirelle loves… girls who lift It’s Mirelle loves…Mondays time. This week – we love girls who lift. There are so many benefits of weight training. The growth in the number of women who aren’t afraid to pick up heavy stuff is apparent. But there is still a common misconception that lifting weights will automatically turn […]


Mirelle loves…Mondays – Paige Hathaway

Mirelle loves…Mondays To celebrate the launch of our gorgeous new collection, this week our Mirelle loves…Mondays is voicing our love for Paige Hathaway. But we’re not only celebrating our new range. Paige was born on the 31st July 1987 making yesterday her 29th birthday! Happy birthday gorgeous lady from Mirelle AW. We hope you had […]