Fabric Technology


Jacquard fabric is cleverly designed in layers to provide ultimate flexibility and usability; it allows light coloured fabrics to be used without the fear of them becoming see-through. This intelligent fabric technology combats sweating with an anti-bacterial action giving you the best in performance and comfort.
New Zealand is a powerful compression fabric gives support during physical activity whilst sculpting the body and enhancing your silhouette. You will love the effect so much you’ll want to wear them all the time! The fabric has a hydrophilic finish that effectively absorbs and evenly disperses moisture, it’s quick drying and lets your skin breathe, all the time, everytime.
Supplex is a fabric constructed with intelligence, combining nylon supplex and lycra air jet technology. The fine filaments create a lightweight, flexible, breathable garment that is soft to the touch. It is a durable fabric that looks newer for longer and is easy to care for, consuming less of your time and energy so you can focus on the things that matter!

Our Light Fabric is a fabric built with textured polyamide and Spandex® with balanced elasticity, providing thermal comfort – fast transfer of heat and moisture between the body / fabric / the environment, well-being by soft touch, visual and fashion concept “easy-care”, easy wash, quick drying.
Our Mesh knits are created with cotton and bamboo fibres for extra softness and comfort during exercise. The mesh fits your body with ease and offers flexibility, despite its soft nature the fabric is very easy to care for.